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Short / unfilled Article on Injection Moulding Machine due to ?

Basic Check points can be checked

1.) Leakage between barrel and nozzle housing or nozzle and nozzle
housing. Nozzle tip & mould sprue bush.
2.) Chances of nozzle hole getting blocked.
2a.) Increase barrel & nozzle temperature as per polymer required temp
setting. Increase gradually from Feed zone towards Melting zone.
2b.) Increase in injection speed and pressure to inject any particle blocked in
nozzle. (Depending on allowance given by machine manufacturer)
3.) Increase of polymer dosage.
4.) Increase of holding time and holding pressure after injecting.
5.) Increase in back pressure to mix/melt polymer homogeneously while
6.) Increase in mould temperature or decrease water cooling in mould.
7.) Increase Nozzle hole and radius which should match with sprue bush.

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