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Bimetallic Barrel for Engineering Plastics

Bimetallic Barrel for Engineering Plastics

Barrel Bushing

Sometimes, in the nitrided barrel only, we can fix a bush in the moving ring area. This type of regeneration is only possible when the barrel is worn in a limited area (max. 500 mm). Barrel is then thermic treated by gas nitriding and grinding inside just to grant a perfect shutline.

Bimetallic Barrel for Engineering Plastics

Bimetallic Barrel

Why are bimetallic barrels used today ?

The today’s processing of modern plastics with fillers and fibers requires modern machine equipment. In the area of the plastification process this was taken into consideration through the development of most up-to-date wear resistant systems.

Advantages & Benefits of bimetall
• Lower wear resulting in higher process stability
• Combination of wear and corrosion resistance
• Based on the processed plastics, the correct wear protection system is chosen.
• Efficient energy transfer
• Strength resistance to fatigue
• Increased screw & barrel life
• Increased process control
• Optimum performance