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Polo Pen barrel Extrusion Machine

Polo Pen barrel Extrusion Machine

55 MM Extruder For Ballpen Barrel

Water Tank: 16ft long stainless steel for cooling the barrel, vacuum chamber of 7″ x 12″ for sizing of pen barrel fitted with 1HPV Vacuum Pump with brass sizer for size Accuracy storage tank for complete circulation of chilled water with inlet & outlet system is provided for cooling, three movable guide rollers provided for centering of the Ballpen Barrel.
Hallauf: Designed to pull the ball pen Barrel in smooth operation without any jerks thus giving complete accuracy on the diameter and inner diameter of Ball Pen Barrel without any variation in size. The Caterpiller unit is driven by 1HP AC motor with Gearbox and AC Drive Rubber belts are provided for firm gripping of Ball Pen Barrel Geared Motor as per new specification (Servo Motor Optional)
Servocutter: Cutting is provided with two-knife action to cut Ball Pen Barrel to is correct size. It can be used to set various different sizes of Ball Pen Barrel Length. It is driven by 0.5HP Servo Motor and drive with PLC Pannel to set the right size & with accuracy cutting of Ball Pen Barrel and match the line speed of the caterpiller. (Servo will be as a option)
Production: Depends on size of the product, Raw Material, Processing Operating Parameters.
Power Consumption:
Driven Load: 10Kw
Total heating load with die: 15Kw
Total power consumption for Extrusion plant: 25Kw

We use quality products for manufacturing like,

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